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Young and Black


Young and Black

A poem by Demareyon

Age: 15


 It’s a scary world that we live in

 Where being black around the justice system is a different sin

 Whites screaming all lives matter when they really don’t, imagine being my color asking for help but they won’t

 I’m not saying all whites are bad but they have their times

 I could walk to the park and the next thing you know the cops saying I committed a crime

 Lord just give me a sign,  Anything to tell me everything will be fine

Or something that can make me feel proud to claim this country as mine

 In Cleveland, it’s already hot

 I don’t want to focus on when a cop asks me something if I’m about to die or not 

 And when they killed Tamir Rice it made the 216 a real hot spot 

 After George Floyd died the people of Cleveland were more heated than a crockpot 

I’m not trying to make this a book, I’m just trying to make people get this through their minds

That in the world we live in, it’s dangerous to be someone of my kind

Edward Banks

The Human Trafficker 

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