EOM Project Film features music produced by DJ Phatty Banks, performed by TRI-C TRIO students featuring Cleveland industry professionals.

Cuyuhoga Community College Metro TRIO participants explored diverse musical genres and their influences on Hip-Hop; furthermore Hip-Hop’s cultural and musical impact in return.


A New Me Teen Summits incorporates the 5 competencies of SEL to engage and enhance students’ capacity to integrate skills, attitudes, and behaviors to deal effectively and ethically with daily tasks and challenges. During these unprecedented times, we hosted a fall and spring summit to focus on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and mental health.

Participants were given the opportunity to share their pandemic experiences along with positive coping strategies in the project-based SEL Changing the Narrative Project: Covid Kids.



The Greenwood Experience is an interdisciplinary curricular approach for middle grades to explore, investigate and plan a community design project. It is designed to introduce multiple elements such as history of a community, civic engagement,  personal advocacy and its impact on a community. The curriculum has four major components:










The core program has 4 modules for each component listed above. It can be modified based on need to as few as two modules and as many as eight. The core programming is based on a 60 minute session which can be modified.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able:

  • Define the forms of civic engagement
  • Identify the professionals important to community design
  • Classify elements of a thriving community
  • Explain impact of redlining on communities
  • Define basic financial literacy terms
  • Utilize established steps for decision making
  • Recognize impact of community design on residents

The curriculum aligns with the Ohio Learning standards as identified below:

Ohio Learning Standards

  • Social Studies
      • History: Historical Thinking and Skills
      • Government: Civic Participation
      • Economics: Financial Literacy
  • Financial Literacy
      • Financial Responsibility
      • Planning and Money Management
      • Informed Consumer
  • Career Technologies
      • Construction: Employability Skills
      • Community Planning
  • Social Emotional Learning
      • Self-Awareness
        • Demonstrate a sense of personal responsibility, confidence and advocacy
      • Social Awareness
        • Recognize, identify and empathize with the feelings and perspective of others
        • Demonstrate consideration for and contribute to the well-being of the school, community and world
        • Demonstrate an awareness and respect for human dignity, including the similarities and differences of all people, groups and cultures
      • Responsible Decision Making 
        • Develop, implement and model effective decision and critical thinking skills
        • Identify potential outcomes to help make constructive decisions
        • Consider the ethical and civic impact of decisions