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The Home of the Brave


The Home of the Brave

By, Reauna Walker

Age: 15


In school, we learned rights

In school, we learn our amendments

But I never learned about social justice


I knew about slavery

Yeah, I knew about the hurt

400 years ago

A long time ago

I didn’t know this would still be a problem on this earth


One day a man named Scott, 43, was sitting in the car

Waiting on his son to come back from school

Next thing you know

The police show up


They tell him to put down the weapon

But there is no weapon

Next thing you know

Three shots go off


He didn’t know

He’ll lose his life that night

It’s like he lost all his rights

That night

But we’ll stick up and we’ll put up a fight

Because of the injustice



I don’t know but it kinda feels like we’re a disgrace to our country

But it’s the place we call home

The place our ancestors broke they backs to built


But how is it the land of the free?

But nothing in life free

And nothing in life comes easy


Now all we got

Now we have

Everyone hurting

Like Zionna

Crying about case

About Scott

She didn’t even know the man


Now it makes the youth scared

How does that feel?

In one word I’ll say hopeless

Like Zionna said that’s a shame

But I’ll say

It’s the Home of the Brave

Edward Banks

Young and Black

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