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The Human Trafficker 


The Human Trafficker 

A poem by Sarah

Age: 15


The Human Traffickers couldn’t realize their own stupidity

They don’t see the pain of a 7-year-old taken away from their family

All they see is the dirty money earned without guilt

The mental pain of a family after hearing a loved one is gone without a goodbye

Seeing a red zip tie without realizing it’s harm to the family

Having to look left, right, and behind you every two seconds while walking to the store

Having the fear that the Human Trafficker will take you at your best moments

Never know when you’ll be back

Never knowing whether you’re 10 minutes away from home or all the way to Equatorial Guinea

I should be able to be walk to my garage without fear 

I shouldn’t have to worry about my mom walking around the block 

Children shouldn’t have to work for a penny while making your billions 

Children shouldn’t have to work for one meal a day while you eat three meals a day without care

They steal the most precious thing from children 

And that’s their years of life

No more toys, no more games, and no more crying for ice cream

It’s crying for their own freedom

They call this the land of the free but to me, it’s land of the capture

Edward Banks

Young and Black

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