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Nun But A Broke Boy


Nun But A Broke Boy

DeWonn Hodges

Age: 15

Broke boy, nun but a broke boy, flossing off your parents and others money instead of going out and getting your own. Nun but a broke boy, showing off instead of becoming an independent black man who sets an example for the next generation to come. Broke boy go get on and put your fellow black brothers on instead of putting them down. And to our black queens on our behalf as a young man what is wrong? Stop settling for a broke boy draining the life out of you. I know a lot of men think you’re not able to take care of yourself and be independent when you can and your mentally stronger than most men. Y’all should know y’all don’t need a man to succeed you can do it independently.

Independent: not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence.

How can I be independent? Well, one part of being independent is being responsible. This is kinda the easy part because it’s memory in a sense. There’s more to it obviously, some of us still struggle with it.

For example, it’s your responsibility to take out the trash or do the dishes or maybe even it’s your day to watch your little sister/brother. Now do it without your mom or dad asking. I know every parent does not have money to pay allowance for what you should be doing for free. It’s a start of maturity and growth as a man. We have to start somewhere. Once you’re of age, go for a legitimate job and help pay some bills or if you have talent, like for my ladies’ braiding hair or for my guys, cutting hair. Everybody gets their hair braided or cut why not use your skills to make money.

DJ KY started when he was young and he’s one of the top DJs in Cleveland right now driving a Lamborghini at the age of 25 and he’s still young. I’m sure this is just the beginning for him. Another great example is my barber Dell of the chalk line, he and his best friend Niko grind and put in the hard work and hours. This past year they opened up their own presidential barbershop in Garfield heights. He’s the reason I wanna be a barber today. 

So why can’t your name be attached to one the fastly growing 115 black businesses in Ohio? Show some independence, go out and do it. 

Edward Banks

My Heart and Soul lies in Puerto Rico 

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