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Why didn’t We Riot by YR Contributor Toni Trent


Why didn’t We Riot

By Toni Trent 

Age: 14


Why didn’t we riot for Tamir Rice

A 12-year-old black boy killed by the police

Why didn’t we riot for him

He should’ve been graduating this year but his life was taken by a coward behind a badge

Why didn’t we riot

We wanted change but did nothing to make a change

We rioted and protested all around the world for George Floyd and a change happened within a week

Brianna Taylor’s murderers are still free

Tamir Rice’s murderer has a new job as a cop again

His indictment was declined so he’s a free man

The cops who stood by and did nothing were only suspended for 10 days

The 911 operator who didn’t tell the cop that it was a kid playing with a pellet gun was only suspended

These people are free while Tamir is 6-feet underground

Why did we not riot

His mother lost her child and the cops that took his life go free

Officer Loehmann worked in Independence and was emotionally unstable but they still put him out on the streets

During training in Cleveland Hts., he had a breakdown and was still hired

This is the man who killed Tamir, an emotionally unstable person who should’ve never made it past training

Then we hear the news that he’s offered a job as a cop in an Ohio village because they say he “deserved a second chance”

Why is it we watch murders on camera but still nothing happens

Change needs to be made

Justice needs to served 

Change has been made in George Floyd’s case but what about the others

We now have a voice and people are listening 

Let’s use that voice and make the other changes we wish to see

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