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I Didn’t Have Both


I Didn’t Have Both

By Stephanie Houston 

Age: 17


Did you know that growing up without a parent can affect you emotionally and physically?

Did you know that 73 percent of children wished their life was better with both of their parents in their life?

Did you know I’m one of 73 percent?

I lost my mother at the age of 4, she died of cancer.

I lost my dad at the age of 12, but I didn’t find out until last year at the age of 16. 

Some people won’t understand that I lost both.

I grew up without my mother in my life because she wouldn’t let go of drugs. 

Just like my father.

I can’t say I don’t know what a father’s love feels like, 

because I have a father figure in my life.

I also have a mother figure in my life.

As a young child, I had problems in my life.

I didn’t speak, normal. 

I couldn’t understand like other kids.

But, I achieved.

I hid my depression of losing both my parents.

I did drugs from losing both my parents.

I hated that… 

Nobody really understands how I feel or how other children feel,

so you just ignore it. 

That’s the problem nowadays. 

Nobody really pays attention to a child,

until the child’s behavior starts to change and they try to seek help.

I overhear so many young and older children bash their parents down, 

wishing they were dead. 

But they don’t understand that they should be grateful. 

Because, once you lose your parents,

they can never come back. 

I want y’all to understand. 

Be grateful for what you have because it could be easily taken away.

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