Youth Renaissance




By Arielle Lawson

Age: 16



My River of Sorrow

You’re pain blooms into the world

It takes over everyone around you

Screams and cries are heard across the world

Those teetering on the edge take the final plunge. 


The young ones are hurting, millions of them

They think you are all there is Acheros

Why won’t you let your grip on them loosen?

They won’t see their friends any longer

All their love is becoming meaningless.


They think, should Acheros win me over?

Should I join him in his quest to spread the sorrow?

And you, dear sweet Acheros, realize,

‘I need to pull back’ 


But can you Acheros? 

They lock you in tight

It is impossible for you to leave

Because they only believe you exist

They know not of the joy that lies just beyond your clutches


They won’t move.

They are too tired. 

They can’t think.

All there is for them is you,  sweet Acheros

No one understands

It should not be hard to believe. 

But some think it impossible.


“You are so young

Acheros can’t have his grip on you yet”

But they are wrong

The young ones lock you away now Acheros

They tell no one that you are in their hearts.

You can’t let them go, because they won’t let you 


But there is a light for them. 

A bright purple light

It brings warmth and joy.

They come together

And there is love everywhere.


The crowds crying out, but not in sorrow, but in joy, 

“I still have reasons I should love myself”

And you smile, it brings you to a state of comfort.


Things are okay in the world

Acheros my child, you’re a need in the world

But you’re okay with being in the shadows of the mind.

Lurking, but never overpowering. 



My river of sorrow

The world cries your name

You answer with a cry of your own

“I will leave you one day, but you must let me out of your hearts first.”



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