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Being Black in America 


Being Black in America 

By: Tamyah Robertson


When will this stuff end better yet when did it all begin? What could I talk about first? Should I talk about, how people like me worry about their lives every day? We’re always being pulled over by the cops. These situations get aggressive. What? Do I make you nervous? Why are you scared of me? Stop! I’m not resisting. You’re the ones being violent. This is why I don’t trust these cops.

Let’s talk about, young black kids fearing their lives. I’m honestly tired of hearing that my black brothers and sisters are getting killed just because of the color of their skin. Being choked out screaming, I can’t breathe in the streets. Not being able to chill at their own homes without being afraid. We can’t even walk around with our hoodies on or have our hands in our pockets because we look “suspicious”. Tell me why we can’t even just mind our business and go for a jog without getting killed? This is the life we live because of the color of our skin. You tell us you hate our skin but turn around and say, “you’re pretty for a black girl” or  “your hair is nice for a black girl”. You know that’s not a compliment right! But yet again y’all try your best to look like us, dress like us, but y’all would never be us.

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