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Bottled Up Emotions


Bottled Up Emotions

By Michelle Lynch


One on top of the other 

Stacking because they have no place to go

Confined to this cylindrical space may the emotions stay

Unsure of the words that convey the right explanation to say,

Exactly how I’m feeling.


These feelings,

Not to be known by others,

Afraid to be judged by people who only look at the cover.

So they hide in the shadows of my heart

But people always try to unravel my emotions

They try to seek them out in depths of which they stay

They think it’s simple to understand, simple for me to relay

“Just let it go,” they say

“Just tell me how you’re feeling, it’s easy”

“All you have to do is open your mouth,

And then all you feel will come flowing out.”

But I can’t.

When I try, my stomach twists itself into knots,

And my throat tightens so words won’t come out.

I know this isn’t good.

This is like a virus.


Holding in my feelings has caused my lack of ambition,

Lack of motivation,

Fatigue, stress, and never-ending depression.

I’m blowing up over minor instances.

I keep getting upset.

One minute I’m happy, but angry the next.

These symptoms might indirectly affect you.

They might negatively impact your attitude,

And for that I am sorry.


This I notice,

You wear one mask to protect yourself.

I wear two

One is a physical material

One is an emotional bottle

But I wear them both because, in the end, I protect me and you.

Edward Banks

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