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Reading R.A.M.M takes a non-traditional approach to learning through the use of project based learning as the engine using multimedia as the fuel. Combining multimedia, statewide curriculum, and benchmarks embedded with Social Emotional Learning (SEL), assists participants in developing academic competencies. Reading R.A.M.M.'s mission is to improve school culture, academics and to develop a holistic student and teacher focused SEL initiatives to improve conditions for learning.

Executive Director

Executive Director

Featured Project Based Learning Project.

Me Myself & Mike (Interactive Media Film).

Features Tri-C Upward Bound Summer Camp Students.

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is a proven multimedia project based learning tool that motivates children to focus on reading while simultaneously introducing multimedia as a method to strengthen and incorporate academic skill sets relative to the statewide indicators that are deemed the greatest need based on pre and post tests based administered at the onset of programming.
is a project based social studies and civics program that follows a youth centered documentary that reveals the birth of a movement to re-engage youth culture and education.
is a project based social emotional learning program embedded with themes that will encourage youth to better confront issues that are barriers to academic success such as youth violence, teen pregnancy, bullying, self-esteem, peer pressure, alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse. Students focus on understanding resource acquisition and accessing services through a community wraparound model approach to school connectedness.
is a organized group of young scholars and educators that collaborate to celebrate academic excellence and achievement through various events throughout the school year.


IX Center “What Happened To me”

Mom Can I Go?
Think Poem
Cyber Bullies