TYR_logoThe Youth Renaissance Mission Statement


The Youth Renaissance is a project based social studies and civics program with embedded social emotional themes that follows a youth centered documentary series that reveals the birth of a movement to re-engage youth culture and education.

This program highlights the voices of actual students and their perceptions of the culture in which they live. Students are given activities based on several social movements that shaped history and compare them to current social trends.

The goal is for students to begin learning how to verbalize their thoughts of social emotional learning topics through short and extended response questions as well as showcase area students’ literature, poetry, music and art.


YR Family Engagement Workshops Mission Statement

Understanding how toxic pop-culture is to youth and their education, YR Family Engagement Workshops empowers families and students to analyze the Harlem Renaissance and its impact on African American culture to remix their own.

Workshops are designed to empower family members to analyze past and present culture; furthermore its impact on youth culture with embedded social emotional themes. Utilizing multi-media, pop-culture and culturally based exposure trips, participants begin the process of reconnecting with their educational careers.

YR Family is a movement to re-engage family, youth culture and education.