bullyxlogoBully X Project Mission Statement

The Bully X Project is a project based student led anti – bullying awareness campaign designed to send out a unified message to students, staff, and communities against bullying. Through the use of research based topics focused on civic and current events, students use multi-media and other modes of technology to create a mass media campaign that aligns with statewide school district anti-bullying initiatives.


Bully X Projects (2013-2014)

Date               Description

6.11.13            CMSD Bully X 2013 Film Premiere Hilton Garden Inn

9.3.13              Menlo Park Academy Bully X Project: Now I’m Popular

10.19.13          St. Clair Superior MYCOM Youth Anti-Bullying Conference

12.9.13            CMSD Bully X 2013 Review: N.O.W. Coordinators Professional Development

3.6.14              Bully X Project 2014: The Cyber Effect Euclid Park Elementary

3.25.14            Cyber Effect: Planning Center Instructional Aids Professional Development BBB

3.25.14            Cyber Effect: N.O.W. Coordinators Professional Development Jane Addams

3.31.14            Bully X Project 2014: The Cyber Effect New Tech West